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  • "The results of this Graduate Survey will help determine how well our higher education programs are suited to the current requirements of the labor market; and allow us to provide to higher education institutions feedback that will assist them in improving their programs."

    Dr. Rawya bint Saud Al Busaidi

    Minister of Higher Education
  • “No doubts three pillars any employer will be looking for in any employee, namely knowledge, experience and attitude (e.g., communication skills)”

    Amor Nasser Al Matani

    Deputy CEO, Oman LNG
  • “The Employer Survey helps undergraduates and organizations better understand the supply and demand for skills in the private sector and, accordingly, helps government authorities develop plans to supply the market with the needed skills.”

    Saif bin Khalfan Al Busaidi

    Vice President of Human Resources, Administration and Corporate Social Responsibility , Occidental of Oman Inc

Sultanate at workshop on classification of Arab universities

MoHE-OPAL pact on tracer study of graduates joining oil,gas




Employer survey 2016:Banking and tourism sector to be top hirers

Wednesday 29th, June 2016 / 00:16 Written by Oman Observer in Local, Main

MUSCAT: Five sectors will be hiring the most number of graduates in Oman in 2017, which include installation/repair/maintenance services, industries/oil and gas, banking/insurance/tourism and hospitality, according to the Employer Survey 2016. However, while some sectors plan to recruit more graduates, other sectors, including oil and gas, will be recruiting fewer graduates in the coming year, according to the results of the survey announced by the Ministry of Higher Education, represented by the Graduate Survey Department. According to Dr Fatma Said al Hajri, the director of Graduate Survey Department, preliminary indicators from the survey show that the oil and gas sector, ranked as No 1 employer in 2015, dropped to No 3 in 2016. It will remain at No 3 next year too. 

Graduate Survey to identify needs of labour market in Oman

MUSCAT: A Graduate Survey 2015 launched by the Ministry of Higher Education will focus on the output and needs of the labour market. At a press conference held to launch the 'Graduate Survey 2015' from March to April 2015, headed by Dr Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Sarmi, undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education, he said, "The survey of the graduates is the first step to align output and the needs of the labour market in terms of providing data that underpin the strategic plans in the field of higher education and Omanisation and sustainability of human resource capacity development." 


MUSCAT:The Ministry of Higher Education’s (MoHE) Graduate Survey 2015 on employment status and the link between graduates’ skills and the job market shows that less than half were employed after passing out. The survey, through an online questionnaire included responses from graduates from the 2009-10 and 2012-13 batches. Of the around 18,000 graduates who participated, 12,551 completed the questionnaires. Findings show that only 47.7 per cent of the participating graduates were employed. Nearly half of these landed their first job opportunity in the first six months. The average duration taken to get the first job was reported to be four to six months. 

51% graduates in Oman get first jobs within six months

MUSCAT:While many students dream of their first ideal job, some fail to think about the time it takes for them to obtain their first job opportunity. Some Omani graduates have become employees within a couple of months, while others should wait for more than a year. The Graduate Survey 2015 issued by the Ministry of Higher Education indicates that 51 per cent of students get their first job opportunity within six months or less from among 12,551 students, who completed the survey. 

Graduate Survey 2015: Occidental Oman the most private organization employed the graduates

The Graduate survey 2015-which implemented by the Ministry of Higher Education at the beginning of this year- indicate the rating of the private sector organizations who most 

employed the graduates according to the statement of the graduates participants, with total of 12,551 graduates participated. Oman Occidental (OXY OMAN Company) topped the list of the private sector organization who most employed the graduates, and came in second The Petroleum Development Oman ( PDO ) and occupied the Oman Telecommunications Company ( Omantel ) and Worley Parsons Oman Engineering which ranked third equally.

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