The Graduate survey 2015-which implemented by the Ministry of Higher Education at the beginning of this year- indicate the rating of the private sector organizations who most 

employed the graduates according to the statement of the graduates participants, with total of 12,551 graduates participated. Oman Occidental (OXY OMAN Company) topped the list of the private sector organization who most employed the graduates, and came in second The Petroleum Development Oman ( PDO ) and occupied the Oman Telecommunications Company ( Omantel ) and Worley Parsons Oman Engineering which ranked third equally.

Also, the graduate survey 2015-which applied by Graduate Survey Department at the Ministry of Higher Education- reported the percentage of employed graduates in the private sector 

Occidental en 2015

were amounted to ( 33.2 %) compared to ( 66.4 % ) of them were employed in the government sector, noting the total number of employed graduates who did not have jobs before graduation was ( 5328 ) graduates. The results of the survey -which included graduates of two academics years 2009/2010 and 2012/2013 - finding the percentage of graduates in the private sector is on the rise ; about ( 28.9 %) of 2009/2010 graduates were working in the private sector, compared with ( 36.8 % ) of 2012/2013 graduates. The results also showed that (40.5 %) of graduates from private higher education institutions were got a job in the private sector, while (31.6 %) of graduates from public higher education institutions were got jobs in the same sector.

When comparing the employment in the private sector between the gender, the study showed that this sector attracts males more than females , where the proportion of male workers were more than females ,the percentage of working male in the private sector reaching (39.5 % ), while the percentage of female graduates in the same sector was (25.8 % ). The results also indicated that (54.5 %) of male with Bachelor / license qualification were earned in the private sector a salary between (601-1200 RO ) and about (25.7 % ) of them with same qualification got a salary (1201-1800 RO ), while the results showed that (54.4 %) of female who had Bachelor / license were earned salary between (601-1200 RO ) in the private sector. On the other hand, (35.5 %) of them got (600 RO or less) with same qualification.